Mica Tiles & Flakes

Mica, a mineral that can be separated into thin, flexible layers is a natural resource found in the earth.

Create unique effects with these heat resistant Mica Shapes. Each consists of layers of laminated pieces that can be separated into thinner tiles of varying lighter colors. Alter them in so many ways: stamp with StazOn ink, emboss, adhere embellishments, cut with scissors, add metallic leafing or paint on the back to create window effects.

We also present you with Mica Tiles in three sizes. Each package contains multiple tiles, and each tile can be separated into many layers. Individual mica layers are thin and transparent, allowing for the opportunity to layer objects. Consider using mica to sandwich together layers of pressed flowers, transparencies, family photos, or other found objects. You can stamp, emboss, decoupage, gild, paint, gold leaf, sew, and use decorative scissors on mica. Mica can also be used in jewelry making, card making, ornamentation, and art journaling. The possiblities are endless!

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