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Flame Inspiration

Sometimes the simple tools are the best.

My personal fav hole puncher is the good old screw punch. Did you know that the small side of the screw punch is the perfect size to make 14 gauge wire rivets?
Another customer fav is the Euro punch:

If you really want to put some might behind your punching go for the Euro Tool Power Punch. I like this tool because it make larger hole with ease.


Really Cool Square Mandrel Pliers from Wubbers

I just added this great pliers to my inventory.  I really feel I must pinch from my own stock!!  A perfect way to easily make square coils or use as a mandrel to form sheet metal.

Newest in the Designer Series line of specialty pliers, the Wubbers Small Square Mandrel Pliers are excellent for repetitive precision work. The unique square shape of the jaws will open a world of possibilities in your designs. Consistently create even coils, square jump rings, tubes, square beads, and much more!

The square jaws are a continuous square mandrel as opposed to being tapered, so you are guaranteed the same size every time. In addition, the jaws are two different sizes for more versatility in one easy to use tool. They even come with an instructional CD!
Find them here: Square Wubbers

Video: Using a Rolling Mill – Art Jewelry Magazine

I ran across the video on using the rolling mill I have on Fundametals.   I finally got my own and am excited to do some texturing.

Video: Using a Rolling Mill – Art Jewelry Magazine.

A video I just had to share

I was looking around on You-Tube and ran across this great video on making a ring out of a quarter.    It came by way of the video I have posted on the Swanstrom disc cutter and positioning plugs to make a washer. One Video led to another. So much cool information out there. I just had to share.