Wire Bangle Stack

You will need:
14g Copper wire, 2 hole screw punch, Bangle mandrel, Bench Block, Hammer, Wire cutters, File, Ruler
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Step1Step 1: Wrap wire around mandrel 3 -1/2 times as approximate diameter required.  I am sorry to say I forgot to measure the amount of wire I used.Step2Step 2: Double check your diameter.  Step3Step 3: Cut 3 “rings” out of the coil.  Make sure they are a bit larger.  Notice the overlap of the ends.  The size can be fine tuned later.Step4Step 4: Texture the wire to your taste.Step5Step 5: Use the mandrel again to texture the outer edge and to get it back to a circular shape.Step6Step 6: Check your diameter at this point.  You will need a 1/4″ overlap for the riveting.  Cut down if needed and file both ends to a more rounded shape.Step7Step 7: Pound the ends so that they flatten and splay.  Copper is a wonderful metal for this.  You can get it pretty thin so watch out to not over spread.  But it needs to be bit wider then the hole you will be making or the wire will crack.  At this point the metal will have stretched.  So once again you you need to test the size.  If it has grown a bit to long it is easy to remedy by trimming off the end, hammering more and rounding again with the file.  Step8Step 8: You will also want to file the edges of the pounded portion to even them up a bit.  You can see below how the shape is no longer a nice tear drop kind of shape.Step9Step 7: Use the small size on the screw punch to make the holes.  This is perfect for a 14g wire rivet.Step10Step11Step 9:  With your 14g wire file the cut edge flat.  Do not round it but if there is a minor burr not allowing you to insert the wire remove it with the fie.  Test fit.  Cut off the rivet so that you have around 1/16″ (2mm) on either side.   File the other cut edge.  It is easier to remove the rivet from the bangle to do this.  I hold the rivet with pliers when filing as they are tiny.Step12Step 10: Lay the rivet on bench block so that an even amount of the wire is on either side of the bangle.  The bangle will not be flush to the bench block.  The rivet will be.  Gently tap the rivet with a hammer.  Turn over and repeat.  Make sure the rivet has remained centered.  Repeat, repeat, repeat, to and from the head of the rivet.  Step13Step 11: Return the bangle to the mandrel to true up the circle.Step14Step 12:  Decorate and wear.  Delightful!  If you want to fill with beads add them before riveting.  Now repeat 5 more times for a rather impressive stack.Step15

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  1. lesa says:

    i love you girls for sharing and not being shellfish! love it love it love it! happy holidays!

  2. Alicia says:

    These are so pretty and girly! Thanks so much for sharing. I started making these yesterday and finished them today. Thank you.

  3. Jenny says:

    Gorgeous work! I am inspired!

  4. Cdsmithy says:

    Wonderful tutorial. Thank you

  5. Melinda Thompson says:

    Thank you soo much,I can’t wait to try this.

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